Have any questions?

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions below and if it’s still not answered, call us on 1800 858 743.


Q: Where are you located?

A: We are located inside the 1000 Ann Street Village (the original Emporium). If you use the little village signs, we are on the ‘Pompedo’ lane. We are also accessible from Wickham street.
Our Lounge is in the far corner, near:

  1. M Body
  2. TAN lounge
  3. Deluxe Nail Spa
  4. Fortitude Valley Vet


Q: Is there parking at your salon?

A: Yes! We have plenty of free 2-hour parking right outside of the salon.


Q: What is included in a blow dry?

A: Our blow dry service includes two shampoos, condition, relaxing scalp massage and style of your choice.


Q: How much does a blow dry cost?

A: A one-off blow dry is from $80-$95 and our memberships range from $70-$100/week.


Q: What is a dry style?

A: Dry styles are perfect for a quick touch up 24-48 hours post blowdry, or for those who wash their hair at home.


Q: How long does a blow dry take?

A: A blow dry generally takes between 35 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the length and thickness of the hair.


Q: Should I wash my hair before I come?

A: Our blow dry services include a wash; however, we also have a dry style option if you want to wash your hair before you come. A dry style is great for people who want a quick touch up, up-styles, or prefer to wash their hair before they come in.


Q: Will the price be cheaper if I don’t want a wash or blow dry?

A: It certainly will! Please refer to our price list to see the difference in time and price.


Q: Do you accept walk-ins?

A: We do accept walk-ins; our friendly staff members will do their best to accommodate last-minute appointments.


Q: How far in advance should I book my appointment?

A: We do recommend booking a week or two in advance. Especially for Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays, as they tend to be our busiest.
Our available booking times are on our website under ‘booking’. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, please call the salon to go on our waiting list.


Q: How does the Vlushe Lounge blow dry membership work?

A: Our unlimited blow dry memberships allow you to have amazing hair, every day of the week. Once you apply for and get granted a Diamond membership, you can enjoy a wash, relaxing head massage, blow dry and hairstyle as many times as you like each week.
It works just like a gym membership, payments are deducted automatically each week. Whether you are heading to work, dinner with friends or an event on your weekend, your blow dry membership will cover all events and needs!


Q: Can I bring pictures of the hair/makeup I want?

A: Absolutely! We always appreciate having photos for reference and we will do our best to bring the look to life.


Q: What if I love the salon but want to try another stylist or my stylist is on holiday or sick?

A: We have plenty of talented staff for you to choose from. Select your favourite stylist, or try someone new through our Vlushe Lounge app or through our website booking system. If your stylist is away, you will be booked in with another team member that we think is best to achieve your desired look.


Q: Do you work on extensions? 

A: Absolutely! Most of our members have extensions as they find them incredibly time-consuming to wash and style themselves. We do not offer or sell extension re-lift, but we can install clip-ins. Extensions add $10 onto your service or $10/week onto your membership.


Q: Can I bring in my own products?

A: Definitely, if you have a brand that you prefer, just let your stylist know upon arrival to your appointment.


Q: Do you offer treatments?

A: Yes we do. We stock Kevin Murphy relaxing, hydrating and advanced treatments. Our members have the option to add on a weekly treatment for just $10/week.


Q: Do you offer braiding or up-styles?

A: We do offer braids at $10 each, up style pricing is dependent on the look and will be provided during consultation.